The Tales behind Village Tales

On the 11th of June, we will release our very first album ‘Village Tales’, full of songs and tunes we’ve written ourselves! As our album title suggests, we like to tell tales with our music. In the series ‘The Tales behind Village Tales’, we elaborate on these stories and tell you the tales behind them. Every week unto the release of the album, we release a new video about one of the songs. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube or subscribe to the newsletter to keep updated!

The tale behind our very first song: The Innkeeper’s Daughter, a story we’ve obtained from the famous Abe de Verteller.

The second video, about Roving Life, telling the story of a girl that wants to see the world and turns her dream into reality.

Wedding Ring heavily uses aspects of the Irish mythology of the isle Tír na nÓg, also know as the Land of Youth or the Otherworld. A mystic isle where faeries should live and time evolves differently than in our human world.

The song Luckless Lad is about, as the title suggests, a very unlucky guy. He always tries his best, but everything turns out completely different and he is often mistaken. It end with him fleeing, because the king had set a reward on his head…

Noah is a sensitive ballad of a child that has never ben born, and the vulnerability of life. 

In his faerie hut, Jesse tells you about the first song we’ve released: Faerie Folk. About a boy who wonders through the woods on Beltaine and gets abducted by the fae.

In our only piano song on this album, we tell the tale of Flora MacDonald, a Scottish heroine who played an important role in the aftermath of the Jacobite rising, but doesn’t get that many credits for it nowadays. And as a bonus on this track: Gilian Hettinga of Harmony Glen is featuring with his bagpipes!